OnePlus Nord 2 Review – A Closer Look At The Opponents Phone

The new flagship smartphone of the smartphone manufacturer Oppo, the OnePlus Nord 2, has been released in Europe today. This smartphone comes with beautiful features that are sure to mesmerize the user. It has been designed by the famous smartphone maker, Oppo, with its unique design concept. With an advanced dual camera setup on the front and a gorgeous back plate, it is sure to amaze all with its beauty. If you want to buy the OnePlus Nord 2 online, read our guide on how to do so.

One of the unique features of the smartphone is the oneplus nord 2 built in battery which allows the phone to be used even when the charger is not available. As most smartphones come standard with a limited amount of memory, the built in battery ensures that one can use the smartphone despite there being no wireless connectivity or data networks available. A large 16GB memory space is also present which enables the user to store plenty of data and apps which further increase the efficiency of the device. The OnePlus Nord 2 has a powerful dual camera setup on the front as well along with a gorgeous back plate which has a nice leather texture to it.

The spacious camera compartment allows the user to use two different cameras hence ensuring that they have a better image quality. The Camera application of the oneplus nord 2 is quite impressive with its six megapixel digital camera which has an auto focus feature along with image stabilization. The feature makes it possible for the user to enjoy clear photos even in low light conditions. The other camera is also impressive with its six megapixel digital camera also featuring an auto focus feature.

One of the most innovative features of the smartphone is its large dual-tone color screen which has an enhanced brightness and contrast ratio. The power saving modes also work quite effectively and the battery life of the smartphone is extended considerably thanks to this feature. The Android operating system of the handset comes with Oxygen software along with many other features including the Google Maps app, contacts, text messages, and lot more. There is also a version of the HTC Desire earphone called the Oxytone earphones which works quite well.

The phone also offers users some unique features such as fast charge technology which uses the Quick Charge technology that has an incredible charging time of 25 minutes. It is powered by the Mediatek 1200-ai chipset which enables it to operate on the Linux operating systems. The OnePlus Nords version also comes with a charging cable that is USB Type C. The cable also supports quick charge technology which has an amazing charge time of 20 minutes. The battery has a capacity of 5,500 mah which can be expanded using the removable card. There is no option for expanding the storage capacity of the battery.

This device is compatible with the Windows and Mac operating systems. It offers a user-friendly interface which ensures that the device is easy to use. The user can enjoy the multitasking features that come along with the stock android interface which helps in increasing the efficiency of the device. The oneplus 2 works very efficiently and is able to provide smooth and clear audio as well as video experience. The Oxygen engine that is used in the handset provides great clarity. The user is free to select any of the colors as per their preference.