We have an extremely dynamic Full Moon at 21° Libra on 10/11 April, which enacts a T-square in Cardinal signs, all the more precisely Jupiter in Libra, Uranus in Aries, astrology zodiac sign and Pluto in Capricorn. In any case, the focal job this time isn’t played by the Moon, by the Sun, nor by Jupiter, or Uranus, or Pluto… however by Venus, the leader of this Full Moon, which is presently stopping in the sky, near the Earth, more grounded than at any other time, planning to turn direct. 

It isn’t a fact that different planets don’t assume a significant part. We have a T-square, which is a profoundly powerful, exceptionally contentious blend. Put a T-square in Cardinal signs, and you can begin a conflict. 

Sun is conjunct Uranus on the Aries side of the skyline, requesting unrest of the soul; on the Libra side, we have the Moon conjunct Jupiter, which is keen on magnificence and social equity and has little capacity to bear what she sees as the “childishness” and the “self-importance” of the Sun. 

It doesn’t help a lot of Pluto is shooting bolts at both from the highest point of the cliff, in Capricorn transforming everything into a force battle. 

The outcome? An iron clenched hand in a kid glove. The spirits will run high, and some kind of contention will be unavoidable. Also, regardless of whether you will contend “carefully” (because Libra is so conciliatory, isn’t she), you are as yet going to run into struggle. A beautiful rose with thistles is a decent similitude for the energy of this Full Moon. 

In any case, who are you battling, truly? Who is your adversary? The embodiment of the Aries/Libra hub understands that the solitary “adversary” out there is yourself. By first warming up to the “opposite side” of you — the imprudent, whimsical, stubborn sense of a self-driven piece of you can accept this beautiful fantastic person that you are. 

As we begin to see how this Full Moon energy becomes the most critical factor, we should return to Venus. 

The goddess of magnificence has now eased back down to the point she can’t back off any longer. In a couple of days, she will “stir” and turn direct. In any case, in this secret government of reflection, she is letting herself embraced (or should we say, stung?) by Chiron, the injured healer, which is near her in Pisces, while both are as a rule precisely squared by Saturn. 

This is anything but a straightforward journey – Venus has experienced a great deal of late, has effectively aired out her heart at her first gathering with Chiron, and now she is in the 3-grouping square to Saturn. 

This cycle can be excruciating, and you will be approached to return to those injuries and go significantly more profound into the torment. Saturn will request that you dive as deep as possible until there is no more spot to go. Keep in mind, Saturn draws the cutoff points. You may ask why Saturn needs so awful to make you endure. 

Saturn would not like to make you endure. Saturn needs to show you the cutoff points. These cutoff points are the truth. Also, by recognizing that everything has a cutoff, even the torment, you can, at last, deliver the dread and start the way toward healing. 

Venus, presently in her evening structure in Libra, is here to instruct us that magnificence is all over the place, in each giggling, in each misery, in every single one of us. What’s more, that excellence emerges from struggle out of battle is considerably more potent because it has accepted the two polarities of presence: the “me” and the “we”, the yin and the yang, the ladylike and the manly. 

“It was one of those occasions when it’s a moment away from snowing, and there’s this power noticeable all around; you can nearly hear it. Correct? What’s more, this sack was hitting the dance floor with me. Like a young child imploring me to play with it. For fifteen minutes. That is the day I understood that there was this whole life behind things, and this extraordinarily kind power needed me to know there was no motivation to be apprehensive, ever. (… ) Sometimes there’s such a lot of excellence on the planet, I feel like I can’t take it, and my heart is simply going to collapse” – Ricky, American Beauty 

In Native American practice, the April Full Moon is known as the Pink Moon, representing the magnificence of nature that stirs during this season. Pink is the thing that is called an “unsaturated” colour which implies it must be acquired by blending different frequencies. What a beautiful allegory for a big motivator for Libra! 

This Full Moon will mainly influence you if you have planets around 21° in Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) or around 26° Pisces. 

As we all have 21° Libra someplace in our outline, proceed to check which house the Moon is travelling in your graph to see which part of your life will come into the centre.