The crypto industry is that unique place,

Where a coin can break its all time high and double its value overnight and vice versa where it can fall and break its all time low and almost lose its value. No matter how much volatile some coins are, people still love trading here.


Always watch out for legit games,

Not every coin listed here has some use case, some were just made as a meme and some were just launched for a certain time to raise some funds and disappear from market. This happened a lot before but now the regulations have changed and now the listing of such false coins has dropped because of strict norms. In here there are also coins who really are fundamentally strong and stable and have a good use case. Like there are these crypto games or we can say blockchain game which are based on the blockchain technology.

When we play these games, we can earn a certain number of crypto currencies or NFT- non fungible token. A NFT is a kind of digital art that cannot be exchanged like cryptos in other words, they are such items which have unique identifying codes on them and that makes each NFT rare and whoever buys or gets a NFT through gifts or rewards is said to be the owner of that particular NFT. In crypto games sometimes NFT can be earned and that’s also a big reason for people leaning more towards these games.


Views on crypto gaming,

Some people assume that these kinds of things have just speculation-based values and believe that this whole thing is going to explode like dot com burst back in the days which led to huge market crashes.                                                                                                                                                                  On the other hand, some people think that this is the future of blockchain technology and it will grow more than any other asset class available out there with high returns.


Basic features of blockchain gaming:


·         Not every NFT is valuable at first but it is for sure rare and just because it is rare its value can rise as much as possible when it comes under spotlight.

·         Rewards that one can earn from the crypto games can be in the form of a crypto currency or an NFT.


Real motive of crypto game platforms:

Blockchain games main motive is to allow the players to trade the stuffs that they earn in game, this one single concept changed the future of crypto games and also brought a new way of earning.

Crypto is a volatile market but,

If you know the market conditions and know which coin you are earning through games has demand in market then you can jump into this zone and start collecting the valuable stuffs to build a better financial condition.